tenerife1 Etymology
2 Geography and geology
2.1 animal and plant life
3 History
3.1 Ancient and pre-colonial times
3.2 Castilian conquest
3.3 After the conquest
3.4 Eighteenth to nineteenth hundreds of years
3.5 Early twentieth century
3.6 Franco regime
Day 3.7 Present
4 Government and politics
5 Economy
6 Demographics
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Locals call their homeland, "The Land of Eternal Spring," due to its subtropical environment, controlled by the Gulf Stream and Trade Winds. The truth that four of Spain's nationwide areas can be found within the Canaries reflects the extraordinary wide range of natural beauty can be found in these islands. Each year as a result of these two factors, over 10 million tourists visit the islands.

The title "Islas Canaria" is likely derived from the Latin term Insula Canaria, meaning Island for the Dogs, a name applied originally only to Gran Canaria. The population that is dense of endemic strain of large and tough dogs, much like the Canary Mastiff (in Spanish, el Presa Canario), was the characteristic that most struck the few ancient Romans who established connection with the islands by the ocean.
Geography and geology

The Canary Islands are included into the Macaronesia ecoregion, which include a few categories of islands into the North Atlantic Ocean near Europe and North Africa belonging politically to the three countries of Portugal, Spain, and Cape Verde. Macaronesia is comprised of the four archipelagos of Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde, and also the Canary Islands.
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De Béthencourt’s motley team landed very first in Lanzarote, at that stage governed by Mencey Guardafía. There was clearly no resistance and de Béthencourt went on to ascertain a fort on Fuerteventura.

Which was so far as he got. Having run out of materials, and with too few men for the enterprise, he headed for Spain, where he aimed to search for the backing associated with the Castilian crown. Exactly what had started being a private French enterprise now became a imperialist adventure that is spanish.

De Béthencourt returned in 1404 with ships, males and money. Fuerteventura, El Hierro and Los Angeles Gomera quickly dropped under their control. Appointed lord of this four islands by the Spanish king, Enrique III, de Béthencourt encouraged the settlement of farmers from his homeland that is norman and to pull in the earnings. In 1406 he returned for good to Normandy, making his nephew Maciot responsible for his Atlantic possessions.

What adopted had been barely one of the world’s grandest colonial under­takings. Characterised by continued squabbling and revolt that is occasional the colonists, the European presence did absolutely nothing for the increasingly oppressed islanders in the years following de Béthencourt’s departure.

The islanders had been greatly taxed and several were sold into slavery; Maciot additionally recruited them for abortive raids regarding the staying three islands that are independent. He then capped it all down by selling to Portugal his legal rights – inherited from their uncle – towards the four islands. This move prompted a tiff with Spain, that was fundamentally granted liberties to your islands by Pope Eugene V. Low-key rivalry proceeded for decades, with Portugal just recognising control that is spanish of Canaries in 1479 underneath the Treaty of Alcáçovas. Inturn, Spain agreed that Portugal could have the Azores, Cape Verde and Madeira.

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