Booth Design And Construction Tips

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Firstly, Design Principles

Exhibition designers must understand that, exhibition design is the important part, but is not all the work of the exhibition; designer must understand that the purpose of exhibition design is not to display only, รับทำไวนิล but to achieve the purpose of displaying; must understand that art exhibition is to use specific means to performance abstract exhibition purpose; should not to display art instead of the display purpose. Always remember that design art is only the tool of displaying, not the purpose of displaying.

Secondly, Design Requirements

1. To be harmony, not to be haphazard

Booth is combined by many factors, including the layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, outreach planes. Good design is the integration of these factors combined to help enterprise exhibitors to achieve display purposes.

2. To be simple, not to be complex

Ordinary people can only receive limited information in an instant. The audiences are walking hasty, if they cannot get clear information in an instant, they would not be interested. In addition, the complex booth will educe the work efficiency of exhibitors. Simple, clean is the best way to attract viewers. Photos, graphics, text should be clear, concise. Designs having little connection with the display content and display purpose should be reduced to the minimum.

3. It is necessary to highlight focus

Display should have its main point and focus. Booth should be able to attract the viewers' attention. Special products, new products can be highlighted by location, layout, lighting and other means.

4. Must have a theme and provide specific information

Theme is exhibiting companies' desired basic information and first impression to the public. The theme is often exhibiting companies themselves or their products.

5. Have the eye-catching signs

Unique signs to attract more visitors and make it easy for visitors to identify your booth. A unique sign will also leave a deep impression who ever visited your booth after the exhibition.

6. Design from the perspective of the target audience

Consider the audience's interest and response. Design from the perspective of the target audience, make it easy to attract the target audience's attention and resonance, leave deep impression on the target audience.

7. Other factors to consider: space; easy set-up and disassemble booth; avoid changes after deciding on the design which will delay the construction and result in additional charges.

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