If the investigation reveals that the detenu was responsible for smuggling or abetting the smuggling of goods in contravention of law, the Customs officers should adopt criminal proceedings against the detenu as quickly as possible and try to bring him to book in the criminal courts. Tangible testimony, documentary or other, or desperate behaviour, geared to making good his escaped alone will be a valid ground for handcuffing and fettering, and even this may be avoided by increasing the strength of the escorts or taking the prisoners in well protected vans.

Criminal-Lawyers-in-Punjab-Haryana-High-These were the reasons for which we allowed the writ petition and directed immediate release of the detenu from detention. A person lawfully cultivating any land belonging to another person shall be deemed to be a tenant if such land is not cultivated personally by the owner and if such person is not:- (a) a member of the owner's family, or (b) a servant on wages payable in cash or kind but not in crop share or a hired labourer cultivating the land under the personal supervision of the owner or any member of the owner's family, or (c) a mortgagee in possession.

Section 32 (1) which was introduced in 1956 provided that on the Revenue Advocate Chandigarh 1st day of April, 1957, called the tillers' day, every tenant, subject to the provisions of the next succeeding sections, be deemed to have purchased from his landlord, free of all encumbrances subsisting thereon on the said day, the land held by him as tenant if he satisfied the conditions set out Revenue Lawyers in Chandigarh in the section. We are unable to appreciate as to why the Customs Department has not yet filed a charge sheet against the detenu for prosecuting him in respect of the incidents referred to in the grounds of detention even though more than six months have passed since then.

We hope and trust that there will be no unreasonable delay on the part of the Customs officers in completing the investigation of the cases against the detenu and prosecuting him in the criminal courts if the evidence gathered by them in the course of the investigation justifies such a course. These decisions in our view correctly lay down the legal position. The Wealth-tax Officer included the entire value of the said share in the assessable wealth of the assessee and subjected the same to tax under section 16 (3) of the Wealth-tax, 1957.

In this sub-section the word 'business' has been used in a narrower sense and it means the actual trading or commercial or other similar business activity of the society which the society is authorised to enter into under the Act and the Rules and its bye- laws". In that case under the will of the assessee's father the assessee was entitled to receive for her life the annual interest accruing upon her share in the residuary trust fund. "It is clear that the word 'business' in this context does not mean affairs of a society because election of office-bearers, conduct of general meetings and management of a society would be treated as affairs of a society.

It is heartening to note that in some States in this country no handcuffing is done at all, save in rare cases, when taking under-trials to courts and the scary impression that unless the person is confined in irons he will run away is a convenient myth. On a reference made to the High Court Civil Lawyer Court, it was held that, on a construction of the various clauses in the will, the assessee was entitled to an aliquot share in the general income of the residuary trust fund and not a fixed sum payable periodically as "annuity" and, therefore, the value of her share was an asset to be included in computing his net wealth.

That order was confirmed by the Appellate Assistant Commissioner but the Tribunal in appeal excluded the same in the computation of the net wealth of the assessee. We may point out that we have not pronounced upon the validity of the order of detention but merely held the continued detention of the detenu 656 to be illegal on the ground of non-compliance with the requirements of clause (5) of Article 22 and sub-section (3) of section 3 of the COFEPOSA Act, and therefore nothing that is said by us in this judgment should be considered as an expression of opinion on the validity or correctness of the order of detention as made.

2f.pngIn the light of the above principles, the question posed for our decision, resolves itself into the two-fold issue : whether the decree-holder had acquired a substantive right (a) to get the decree passed by the Court of Small Causes, transferred to the High Court Revenue Advocates of the Munsif and (b) thereafter to have is executed by the transferee Court in any of the modes provided in Section 51 of the Code of Famous Civil Advocates in Chandigarh Procedure, including the mode by attachment and sale of the immovable property of the judgment-debtor.

In this view, it is not necessary to consider whether the income receivable by the assessee under those deeds, either wholly or in part, is capable of being commuted into a lump sum grant. Section 32G provided that as soon as may be after the tillers' day, the ALT shall publish or cause to be published a public notice in the prescribed form in each village within the jurisdiction calling upon:- (a) all tenants who u/s 32 are deemed to have purchased the lands: " There are two explanations appended to this section which are not material for the present purpose.

Dorothy Martin (1968) 69 I.

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